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Experts Warn Against the Rising Anti-LGBT Tide in Uganda

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Troubling Times

Today, perhaps more than ever before, LGBT rights are at the forefront of news reports, political dialogue, and the social imagination, at least in the United States. Whereas the gay community is treated very much as equals in other comparable nations, thousands of people around the planet or more are oppressed, imprisoned, and even killed for their orientation and lifestyle.

In nations like Uganda, in East Africa, LGBT rights are increasingly threatened, and horrifying reports have come from the country for months as the climate worsens for the country’s non-heterosexual citizens.

Did you know about the alarming corruption in Uganda? Or how the country’s LGBT community is being persecuted at unprecedented rates? These disturbing trends must be stopped.

lgbt uganda protestors with rainbow flag

Credit: Isaac Kasamani/AFP/Getty Images

Here are the most troubling events from the past weeks…