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Eye-Opening Social Experiment Shows How Biased We Truly Are, Even to Children

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Would you ignore a child in need?

Of course, you’d probably want to say “no” when asked this question, but we’ve all been caught off guard in situations before where we acted differently than we’d wished. Given all of life’s many variables, sometimes it’s hard to make the best decision in the spur of the moment. This often leaves us with regret, contemplating our past actions and vowing to never do it again. But what have we done to change?

Life is hectic, hard and unfair. These are facts we are sometimes taught when still very young, or otherwise truths we come to learn–and accept–in time. Yet the greatest victims in this world are the many nameless poor whom we may see and pity or even see and ignore in our day to day lives.

Homelessness is a global crisis, and there are an estimated 150 million homeless children living in the world today. Billions more live in housing that is either unsafe, crowded, filthy, or otherwise inadequate for human use.

Though many of us like to think we’d go out of our way to help a child in need, the facts say otherwise. When confronted with a lost little girl in public, whether or not people chose to help all came down to the way she looked.

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Source: Facebook @UNICEF

Here’s the disturbing proof.