Family Claims Lesbian Couple Jailed In Kuwait for 25 Years Because of Lifestyle

Feb 9, 2016 at 5:37 pm |

Locked Up Abroad

What’s your worst fear? Severe illness? The loss of a loved one? How about getting locked up abroad with no way out?

This fear has been lived and relived many times across the planet for various reasons, but one of the most frightening scenarios is when the “perpetrators” are actually innocent.

More often than not, we’re lucky to have the justice system we have in place in America, but Americans abroad can encounter stricter and more conservative customs, governments, and laws than they expect, sometimes leading them into dire trouble.

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Source: Facebook @Free Monique and Larissa

In the case of US veteran Monique Coverson and her partner Larissa Joseph, one nightmare followed another after police raided their home in Kuwait.

But are the charges they’re facing truly the charges they’re being held for?

“They live an alternative lifestyle, and while it’s accepted here in the United States, not so much in other counties around the world.”