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FBI Traps Ring of Dark Web Pedophiles, but at What Cost?

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Think of the most foul thing you’ve ever seen on the internet. This is worse.

The dark web has become everyone’s favorite repository for slime. It’s a network that exists right under the surface of the internet you use every day, but where people sell drugs and guns to anyone anywhere with enough bitcoins. Offers to hack, steal, or, allegedly, kill abound for the right price. Perhaps one of the most disgusting things that scuttles under the carpet of the dark web is child pornography.

Last February, the FBI busted a Florida man for running one of the largest child pornography sites on the web. Reportedly, a foreign law enforcement agency tipped off the FBI about Steven W. Chase, 57, who managed the child porn site Playpen. He was arrested and taken into custody. But now a judge has ruled the FBI’s warrant invalid.

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