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Finally – A Makeup Routine That’s Good Enough To Eat

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This Instagram Artist Takes His Inspiration From Food

If you're familiar with the world of YouTube and Instagram makeup artists, you know that there's a community of millions out there sharing their talent and passion for glam with the world through social media, and they take inspiration for their looks from all sorts of places — a spread in Vogue, a certain look Kim K recently wore, the melting rose gold hues of a killer sunset.But for the makeup artist known as Tim O on Instagram (@skelotim), inspiration for his glamorous looks come from the bright packaging of his favorite snack foods. And people, let me tell you - this guy knows how to beat down a FACE (beat is a good thing -see the Urban Dictionary definition below). 
makeup artist skelotim

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YAS, honey boo boo. Work that glam! If you're like Tim and you love junk food, then wait till you see what other tasty treats Tim O has transformed into makeup masterpieces! Yes — he has a Flamin' Hot Cheetos look.

Read on to see Tim's work in all of its beat, delicious glory!