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First-Ever Royal Family Member Comes Out as Gay

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This Royal is making history in a whole new way

For millions of people around the world and from every walk of life, being gay is not easy. Has it ever been a simple task to differ from the norm?

Although homosexuality had its place in some ancient civilizations, we have long since digressed into a world where gender, sexuality, and orientation have all taken on other meanings and associations, leaving us with sour stereotypes and harmful worldviews where being a man or woman has social implications instead of merely biological ones.

Now imagine if your life isn’t only about you, but rather the face of an important family or organization. For so many people, sexuality, identity, and thus happiness are denied selflessly for the sake of the presumed “greater good,” and perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the political-familial sphere of the British Royal Family.

But now that a cousin of the Queen just came out as gay, will we see a new age of personal and sexual freedom for others like him?

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Credit: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

Meet the first real member of gay royalty…