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Florida Police Shoot Therapist as He Tended to His Autistic Patient

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Black lives matter.

The recent cases of police brutality caught on camera have been shaking up the nation and leading to many protests across the country. While minorities are fearing for their lives at the hands of those that are meant to serve and protect them, senseless killings are still going on without any justice.

This past week, the officer who had the majority of the involvement in the death of Freddie Gray was cleared of all charges against him. Unfortunately, that means that no one is being held responsible for his death, despite it being ruled a homicide by authorities.

Now, police are still shooting at minorities, and this week, an unarmed man was shot as he was laying on the ground with his hands up. While he survived the shooting, the reason why this man found himself under fire definitely makes this story a heartbreaking one.

charles kinsey shot autistic caretaker

Source: USA Today

Crooked cops still aren’t being held accountable.