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Funeral Business Finds ‘Green’ Way to Cremate Bodies…By Dumping Them in the SEWER!

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“You come in by water, and you leave by water.”

Death is a part of life, perhaps the most natural thing that is bound to happen to all living creatures.

Over the millennia, humans have come to regard death both with reverence and fear. Various world cultures and religions have developed their own perspectives on death that lead us, the living, to either celebrate it and fondly remember our deceased, or otherwise to fear that final reality, the knowledge that we are finite, as well as all sorts of ghosts and ghouls that perhaps still linger from beyond.

Have you ever been to a wake or a funeral? While it’s a different experience for everyone, seeing a dead body is a strange experience, especially when you knew the person in question so well during their life. In the West, corpses are typically treated with respect, often embalmed for presentation at a wake before being laid to rest either by cremation or burial.

That being said, the idea of flushing your loved ones down the drain may sound a little sacrosanct, but that isn’t stopping one funeral business from doing exactly that.

alkaline hydrolosis sewer inside

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Would you want this happening in your neighborhood?