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Disturbing Truths You Never Realized About Your Favorite Nickelodeon Shows

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This is the end of innocence

Who doesn’t remember the good old days of watching show after show on Nickelodeon?

Those golden hours flew by with cartoon classics, live action adventures, and the first reality game shows you probably ever watched. A trip to the Nickelodeon resort in Orlando seemed like the best thing that could ever happen to you.

And as you whiled away the hours with shows like Salute Your Shorts, Rugrats, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, GUTS, Double Dare, and other classics, you may have just been an innocent kid, but some of the stuff happening before your very eyes was anything but innocent.

From drug references to nightmare-inducing scenes that drew the ire of religious and social groups around the country, these classic Nick shows may have gone too far.

didi pickles rugrats

Credit: Nickelodeon

Did you ever pick up on these facts?