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‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Theory Says Sansa Is PREGNANT With You-Know-Who’s Baby!

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*Spoiler Warnings Ahead*

Much as it was in medieval times and among noble families, bloodlines are a key part of the heavily character-driven plot of Game of Thrones.

Simplified in the TV show to help viewers follow the storyline, the Song of Ice and Fire books are deeply entrenched with distant family members, bastards, and sweeping generations of various families from the Seven Kingdoms and across the Narrow Sea. Luckily, each novel has a list of characters in the back that helps somewhat to explain relations and loyalties.

Still, we know that parentage is extremely important throughout the books and TV series, often with far bigger implications between relatives than what first meets the eye. Now, a new fan theory is sweeping the internet with a dreaded possibility–and quite possibly, truth–that may have been unfolding before our eyes even without our knowledge.

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Is Sansa pregnant? Here’s why we think so…