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‘Game of Thrones’ Takes a Stab at Politics. Who Will You Vote for as President of Westeros?

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Elections Are Coming.

Though commonly misconceived of as being a fantasy show about dragons and fairies, at its heart, Game of Thrones is all about politics.

Largely inspired by actual political events throughout history, such as the War of Roses, Game of Thrones represents a variety of governmental styles and diplomatic themes: totalitarian regimes, monarchies, free states, slave-driven economies, and even a coup d’état or two. And while major battles, undead armies in the North, and awe-inspiring dragons may make the whole show a lot more fun, underneath all the CGI and fantasy, the political plots are fascinating.

Now Game of Thrones is taking a stab at more democratic, real-world politics in the most creative way. Who would you vote for? Here’s how you can do it!

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Source: YouTube/GameofThrones

All dedicated Thrones fans need to see this.