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Watch George Takei’s Hilarious SNL-Style Adele Short

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Out of all the celebrities boldly exploring the realm of social and digital media in attempt to reap the benefits, George Takei is going where no man has gone before.

True to the adventurous nature of his famed character Lieutenant Sulu from the original season of Star Trek, Mr. Takei has never been afraid to try new and entertaining ways to maintain relevance and a dedicated fan base across these many years.

From cartoons about his life with hubby Brad to tireless social justice work to a new musical on Broadway, George Takei’s game is as strong as ever today. Most recently, he unveiled an SNL-style digital short to promote his new play, Allegiance, and he hit the nail on the head by taking the Adele route.

george takei allegiance 2

Source: YouTube @George Takei Presents:

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