Gigi Hadid Attacked in the Street, Tells Lena Dunham ‘I Had Every Right to React’

Sep 27, 2016 at 4:55 pm |

Gigi’s boxing instincts kicked in at the right moment

Women have to put up with a lot from men or else be criticized as being overbearing, rude, or the B word. Just look at the first Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump presidential debate to see how men in power are allowed to speak over women and not be corrected for it. Catcalling and street harassment are also activities that women bear the brunt of, but if we react in the wrong way, we’re subject to even worse harassments, insults, or dangerous situations. It seems like if a woman is seen as ungenteel, well, she can’t be a lady. That is some people’s opinion.

gigi hadid

Source: Instagram @gigihadid

Gigi did the right thing to escape her attack, but who is he going after next?

Gigi Hadid was assaulted by a well-known celebrity attacker, but she’s the one being called rude and bratty.