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Gold’s Gym Unoffically Shames Pear-Shaped Women

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And that’s not all

People these days are a lot more vocal about things that offend them or could be seen as offensive to other people. Body-shaming is a very hot topic right now; people get mad when you call them too fat, when you call them too skinny, when you call them unfeminine or not masculine enough… People in every country are ready to shut down the haters who won’t let them live they way they want free of pressure and judgement. So it seems crazy that some people are completely oblivious, and that they continue to put out offensive ads that go viral and ruin their reputations.

Gold’s Gym is in hot water after one of their franchisees decided to put out some ads that women roundly deemed to be highly offensive and degrading. Women and men that would never even have the ability to travel to that gym, which is located in Egypt, feel that it’s a reflection on the entire company, and the backlash may be insurmountable. See the ads for yourself here!

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Retribution was swift for the Egyptian Gold’s Gym franchise.