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The 13 Greatest Long Pranks and Cons of All Time

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Smooth Criminal

The best part of pulling a prank on somebody is sticking around to watch your plan perfectly unravel until the person finally realizes what’s happening. Perhaps this is what makes lengthy or ongoing jokes even better.

When you think about it, the reason we call some criminals “con artists” is because the pulling of a true con, especially a long-term one, takes masterful skill and cleverness… or just a really gullible victim.

History has been filled with plenty of long cons, also called confidence tricks, many of which exist in the public imagination today as stereotypical and tired schemes which we like to think we’re all-the-wiser to. But are we?

People shared stories of some of the trickiest long cons in history, as well as some of the best pranks they’ve ever pulled over time, and these stories will have you wondering what you’ve fallen for without even realizing!

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