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Grieving Mother Hears Her Son’s Heartbeat In Another Child

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When One Mother’s Tragedy Turns Into Another’s Hope

Heather Clark experienced a horror story no mother is prepared to face. Only 7 months after the birth of her son Lukas Clark, he was violently abused by his babysitter’s boyfriend and wound up in the hospital with severe injuries.

The staff told the Arizona mother that her son had a very small chance for survival after spending several days in the hospital, and then they asked her if she wanted her child to be an organ donor – a question no one wants to debate for their infant. But in a moment of pure darkness and grief Heather was able to make a decision that would eventually help save another mom from walking down the same horrifying path.

Three years later Heather would have the opportunity to hear her son’s heart beat again, but this time through the chest of another child, a very grateful 4-year-old girl…

Mother Hears Son's Heartbeat In Another Child

Credit: Donor Network of America

The love they both have for Lukas’s heart will forever bind these two moms…