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Gross Jobs That Make Bank

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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be…

Ah, the dreams of childhood. Who didn’t want to be a fireman, or an actor, or an astronaut?

As we grow older, however, many of us find that our careers become dictated by paying the bills and supporting a family, and not by chasing our dreams. While most of us may end up in desk jobs or repetitive corporate gigs, we might just be envious of the people that seem to have cooler professions with higher salaries. But did you know that the most money doesn’t always come from the most desirable places?

Urine farmers, sewer divers, and embalmers are just a few of the dirty jobs on this list that make BANK when it comes to payday. And these are just the tip of the dirty iceberg…

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Source: Twitter @adastrame

Get ready to see some of the grossest jobs that pay tons of money.