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Gross! The World’s Most Dangerous Spiders

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I really didn’t want to research this…

When I was a little girl, nothing creeped me out more than those long and crawling legs from spiders. The fact that they can jump and make webs that you often can’t see until they are in your face. Multiple eyes packed together. And what I called “big butts.” I used to run away screaming and crying when my brother’s would tease me with them. Spiders still give me shivers.

What’s worse than being near a spider? Knowing that some of them are extremely poisonous and deadly. These little (or sometimes huge) creatures can pack a real punch when it comes to defending themselves. Check out eleven of the worst spiders there are.

wolf spider with eggs

Credit: Henrik Larsson/Shutterstock

You’re about to get the heebie jeebies!