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Gun Sales SURGE Among Gays and Lesbians In Wake of Orlando Shooting

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The LGBTQ community is taking safety into their own hands by purchasing firearms.

In the aftermath of last week’s horrible terror attack at Pulse, the Orlando nightclub that services the gay community in Orlando, the national debate over gun control has taken center stage in Congress. Senate Democrats held a filibuster on the Capitol Building floor that demanded attention to the issue for more than 15 hours.

In the wake of every mass shooting, like the ones at Sandy Hook and the Aurora movie theater, there is a surge in gun purchases that corresponds with the increase in legislative discussion. When the government is lethargic to protect its citizens, people take self-defense into their own hands, and who can blame them?

But this time, the upswing in gun sales has been primarily driven by gays and lesbians, a group that has been traditionally non-violent in their activism. But what does it say about our country when a group that has begged the government for equal protection and safety for decades must resort to purchasing deadly weapons for some semblance of peace of mind?

One Denver firearms instructor is helping shape the new culture of guns in the LGBTQ community, and his insight on the trend is both chilling and eye-opening.

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Keep reading to see just what this shift in attitude might mean for America’s gun culture going forward.