Is This the Coolest DIY Harry Potter Project to Date?

Feb 18, 2016 at 10:39 am |

As long as it’s not pointing to mortal peril…

Harry Potter fans will, of course, know that the Weasley’s humble home is filled with a cluttered assortment of fascinating trinkets and gizmos from both the Muggle and wizarding world alike.

Aside from introducing us to the wonders of Floo powder and the annoyance of garden gnomes, one of the most memorable objects in the Burrow is Mrs. Weasley’s magical clock.

weasley clock intro

Source: Twitter @Music_News_US

Now thanks to this technical “wizard,” the clock exists in real life!

These Redditors just built their own working replica of the Weasley magic clock, and yes, Mortal Peril is still an option.