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12 Haunting Predictions From the Blind Psychic Who Correctly Predicted 9/11

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Do you believe in the paranormal?

It feels like we are made familiar with the spooky, the fantastic, and the paranormal from our earliest years. Monsters, witches, and magic are deeply engrained in many cultures, from popular fiction to traditional stories and even the world’s major religions. Americans who celebrate Halloween know just how fun (or frightening) the paranormal can be— but it’s all fake, right?

For the thousands who believe in the mystical powers of Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian clairvoyant and healer, the paranormal may be much more real than we think. Born in the Ottoman Empire in 1911, Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova, affectionately called Baba or Grandmother Vanga, was a premature baby with severe health complications. Her blindness, however, would not set in until later in her youth when she claimed she was lifted up and injured by a tornado, and the damage done to her eyes—plus her poor family’s inability to pay for treatment—resulted in her permanent loss of sight.

In losing her worldly sight, however, Baba Vanga’s inner eye was opened, and during WWII she attracted attention for her healing and soothsaying abilities. Even the Bulgarian tzar Boris III came to her seeking advice and information about the future. Her name derives from the Greek word for “messenger” or “angel,” and she predicted that after her death, a young blind girl living somewhere in France would inherit her powers.

Though she died from breast cancer on August 11, 1996, Baba Vanga made a great many predictions about the future of the world, many of which have already come true. Though some dispute exists around the factuality of her predictions, many people to this day believe she was a gifted psychic and mystic, which makes her other predictions about the future very worrisome.

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These are her predictions…