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He Lived an Entire Year With No HEART! How Is This Possible?

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Let’s Have a Heart to Heart

The body can do amazing things, but sometimes, it can’t do them alone.

Modern medicine and ongoing technical advancements are taking us to new peaks we’ve never reached before in human history, allowing people across the globe to live longer and healthier lives. Without the progress we’ve made thus far, many of us today would be already suffering from maladies, illnesses, and conditions we’ve long since cured.

Stories about medical miracles are all special, unique, and uplifting, but one such story coming from the University of Michigan is especially noteworthy for one simple reason: a 25-year-old man lived for 555 days without a heart.

And he didn’t just live: he was a father to his daughters, a brother and son to his family, and an avid basketball player. For somebody so heartless, this challenging lifestyle sure took a lot of heart.

stan larkin heart transplant backpack

Source: University of Michigan/ Twitter @indianeagle

Here’s his heartwarming story.