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Her Headscarf Was Called ‘Unprofessional’ So She Came to Work in Cosplay

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It's outta Office Space

What's more satisfying than telling someone off in real life? Trolling your buttmunch of a boss. June Rivas is my new hero. I wish I had the gall she does. Why? She dressed up in cosplay to spite her uptight boss."So my boss didn’t like me wearing my hair in a ponytail everyday,” she wrote on Facebook. "Nor my hair in a scarf. 'Unprofessional.' Nor my hair in pigtails. 'Unprofessional.' So I filed a harassment complaint against her as our contract states 'no dress code. just be clean and pressed.'"Of course Rivas's boss wasn't backing down because she's stubborn. Her boss came up with a new dress code that banned a lot of things, like hats, sandals, cleavage and "even (and I quote) 'cultural head wraps.'" But her boss left out one crucial rule: She didn't ban cosplay.Rivas did the right things and reported her boss to the Equal Opportunities Employment Commission, but not before having a little fun.
employee trolls boss over dresscode

Source: Facebook @June J Rivas

Check out her "work" attire!