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Her Headscarf Was Called ‘Unprofessional’ So She Came to Work in Cosplay

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It’s outta Office Space

What’s more satisfying than telling someone off in real life? Trolling your buttmunch of a boss. June Rivas is my new hero. I wish I had the gall she does. Why? She dressed up in cosplay to spite her uptight boss.

“So my boss didn’t like me wearing my hair in a ponytail everyday,” she wrote on Facebook. “Nor my hair in a scarf. ‘Unprofessional.’ Nor my hair in pigtails. ‘Unprofessional.’ So I filed a harassment complaint against her as our contract states ‘no dress code. just be clean and pressed.'”

Of course Rivas’s boss wasn’t backing down because she’s stubborn. Her boss came up with a new dress code that banned a lot of things, like hats, sandals, cleavage and “even (and I quote) ‘cultural head wraps.'” But her boss left out one crucial rule: She didn’t ban cosplay.

Rivas did the right things and reported her boss to the Equal Opportunities Employment Commission, but not before having a little fun.

employee trolls boss over dresscode

Source: Facebook @June J Rivas

Check out her “work” attire!