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Here’s the Best Position We Should All Be Sleeping In

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What Does the Way You Sleep Say About You?

How do you sleep? On your back? Side? Surrounded by pillows?

Some people are firm believers in their preferred sleep position and wouldn’t change it for the world, whereas others toss and turn all night and wake up in completely different positions than they started out in.

What’s more, your preferred sleeping position, not to mention how many hours you get a night, can directly affect your weight, heart health, mental health, and even snoring habits as well as wrinkles.

While the way you sleep can say a lot about your body, health, and even personality, scientists are now saying there’s one position that trumps all the rest in terms of health benefits.


Source: Twitter @KEEGANCALLME

They really meant it when they said you woke up on the wrong “side” of the bed…