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Here’s What Happens When BuzzFeed Makes a Video About Black People Questions…

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What was BuzzFeed thinking?

BuzzFeed has made a killing off of viral videos over the years, and while a lot of their productions usually have a very open, honest, and candid approach to their subject matter, their most recent one has ruffled the feathers of the Internet pretty harshly.

The outlet released their latest video called “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People,” which followed other series such as “Questions Black People Have for White People,” “Questions White People Have for White People,” and the intriguingly controversial, “Questions White People Have for Black People.”

What was meant to be an innocent, playful viral video turned into a disaster when users on social media ripped it to shreds after the questions asked sparked outrage. Thousands of viewers and users chimed in on the protest, which led to the viral hashtag #BuzzFeedVideoQuestions that mocked the site for their ignorance.

Source: Youtube - BuzzFeedVideo

Source: Youtube – BuzzFeedVideo

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