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High School Guys Protest Sexist Dress Code By Wearing Dresses

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What Do You Say When Your School Board Tells You Not To Be Yourself?

In late January, the Buchanan High School took a major step backward (like, to the 1950’s) when the Unified School District trustees voted to uphold the California high school’s archaic dress code, which prohibits male students from having long hair and piercings. Wait, seriously? I’m picturing a panel of old white dudes sitting around saying “Don’t let those youths run around like dirty hippies!”

Looks like we may not be too far off. On the surface, something as silly as a dress code doesn’t seem super important when there are issues like institutional racism and a mass shooting epidemic plaguing our country. But when you consider that dress is one of the biggest outward representations of gender and that there’s a huge push to create a culture in this country that’s inviting and inclusive for non-cisgender people, something as simple as a dress code becomes a MAJOR social issue. To protest this sexist decision, the students decided to cross-dress for a day: girls dressed like boys and the boys glammed up in dresses and skirts. What started out as a simple act of defiance soon grew into a social statement with national attention and a hole bunch of legal implications.

Keep reading to see how these students stood up for what they believed in and the amazing reaction of the public.