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High School Student Designs ‘Sit With Us’ App That Helps Teens Find Friends in the Cafeteria

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You CAN Sit With Us!

After its release, Mean Girls quickly became the defining movie of a generation, and many of its accurate scenes and clever quotes remain relevant to this day.

Much smarter than your average teen comedy, Mean Girls had an uncanny grip on what high school can stereotypically be like, albeit to a comedic extreme.

Out of all of high school’s idiosyncrasies, however, one of the best descriptions (and some of the best scenes) in the film revolved around the cafeteria, where lunchtime was described as being akin to a watering hole in Africa.

Cliques or exclusive groups of friends can make school difficult for anyone, especially if they’re new to school, just plain shy, or ostracized for one reason or another. Now, thanks to one innovative teen, that painstakingly awkward scenario could be forever erased from overcrowded cafeterias across the nation.

mean girls you cant sit with us

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