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High Schoolers Disrespected Motivational Speaker…What He Said Next Left Them Speechless

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This gave me chills!

Motivational speaker Eric Thomas grew up homeless in Detroit. Both his grandfather and father never graduated from high school. He was following in the same footsteps until he met a minister who inspired him to finish school and make a better way for himself.

Today, he has a Ph.D in education administration from Michigan State. He also speaks at private corporate functions, regularly works with the NFL and NBA, and charges anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 for an appearance. So, when he was asked to speak at a St. Louis high school where 70% of the students read below grade level, he chose to do it for free.

In an effort to give back, he stood before students at Vashon High School, encouraging them to do well in school. However, some of the students kept talking and laughing during the speech, causing Thomas to continually ask them to be quiet. They didn’t listen. That’s when everything took a turn and Thomas lost his cool.

High Schoolers Disrespected Motivational Speakers

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“Have you lost your mind?!” Thomas goes off after being disrespected by a room full of teenagers. See the full video!