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Historical Figures You Didn’t Know Were Actually Terrible People

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They Never Taught You THIS In School!

When we teach history to children, it’s often easiest to pick from the highlights and ignore the smaller details. We also tend to emphasize people’s successes and contributions while forgetting about their shortcomings or misdeeds.

Naturally, it would be impossible to give fair and thorough accounts of every single historical person and event, but that means we end up putting the focus on certain people, places, and things and skim over them. The result is that we skim over some of the darker facts, hold bad people in esteem, accept vicious rumors about good people, and completely ignore some of history’s most important players.

Remember: history is always taught with an agenda. Who is teaching history? Who wrote the books? Where are you from? What are your beliefs?

We all make mistakes, but would you forgive these people?

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