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Honest Trailers Does ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

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Star Wars: A Familiar Hope

Wait, what?

Star Wars fans won’t love to hear the most anticipated film of 2015 getting made fun of, especially since it was declared an epic Star Wars installment across the board, but Honest Trailers has a way of making even the most dedicated movie lovers analyze their favorite films with a more critical—and humorous—eye.

Give this film’s astounding popularity—it broke the all-time North American box office record in just 20 days—it was only a matter of time before Honest Trailers, the hilarious YouTube series from Screen Junkies that turns popular movie trailers to farce, set their sights on the long-awaited sequel from a galaxy far, far away.

Not surprisingly, it was worth the wait. And yet Honest Trailers did more with this new installment than they typically do, simultaneously praising and poking fun at Episode VII, while bringing up some MAJOR points that will leave even the staunchest fans scratching their heads.

star wars intro

Source: YouTube @Screen Junkies

Watch the Honest Trailer and check out the best points they made about the film!