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Hotel Workers Talk About the Craziest Guests

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They know all your secrets.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working in the service industry, you know how tiring, annoying, and frustrating it can be. Most guests are a pleasure who mind their Ps and Qs, but every once in awhile you get that awful human being that thinks you are their personal slave. The one saving grace is that you’ve got plenty of stories to share with your coworkers and friends of outrageous and unforgettable problem people.

There’s one employee that always has to be on point with kindness, smiles, and courtesy: the hotel employee. Hotel workers want to make your stay unforgettable, fun, and luxurious. They try to cater to your every whim, no matter how ridiculous or even gross. But it seems like decency just goes out the window with some hotel guests. These Redditors and contributors to “How May We Hate You?” share their unbelievable stories of not so on-the-level guests.

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Just because these employees remain calm, cool, and collected doesn’t mean they aren’t judging you.