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How Does This Absurdly Corrupt and Racist Sheriff Still Have a Job??

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“America’s Toughest Sheriff,” or a Sad Abuser of Power?

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs, but the moment you take government office, you represent something much bigger than yourself.

Unfortunately for people like Joe Arpaio, who has been the sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona since 1993, elected office is simply a means to force his skewed personal beliefs on over three million citizens despite countless complaints, federal investigations, racial profiling, abuses of power, and millions in wasted tax dollars.

Arpaio represents the ugliest side of America– its institutionalized racism, bigotry, and prejudice, as well as the legal loopholes that allow them to exist and harm people well into the 21st century.

As sheriff of the United States’s fourth-largest county (according to the 2010 census, its population of 3,817,117 made it more populous than twenty-three states), Arpaio’s time in power has been described as a “reign of terror,” and once you read these horrifying facts, it’s no surprise why people feel that way.

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These are just a few of the disappointing anecdotes that will make you wonder, how is this man still an elected official?