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How Old Are You? Here’s What Other People Already Accomplished by Then

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Age is just a number, but these accomplishments speak for themselves!

You are now already older than you were when you started reading this sentence, and what have you done in that time? Chances are, unless you’re an insanely talented multitasker, you haven’t done much more than read this paragraph.

As we time travel further into the future every second, it’s easy to watch the minutes and hours slip by without doing much of anything with our time. After all, and especially after a long week, who doesn’t want to spend a few hours (or days) lazing around on the couch or bingewatching your favorite show?

Now think about your biggest accomplishment in life. Chances are this distinction is different for each and every person, with accomplishments across the spectrum holding unique meaning for each of us. That is to say, what you may think is a particularly small accomplishment could have been a huge feat for somebody else, and vice versa.

Do you feel good about what you’ve done so far in life? Check out the following accomplishments that people have made by your age, and it might just have you rethinking your life goals!

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A teenager invented doughnuts. Suddenly I feel very insignificant…