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How to Avoid Toilet-Phobia at the Office

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Don’t Let Bathroom Anxiety Constipate Your Workday!

Humans are so weird when it comes to our feelings about going to the bathroom. Everybody does it, but nobody likes to talk about it, and when the rare person comes along that’s completely comfortable with potty talk, we consider them inappropriate and weird.

We even feel a twinge of shame when our dogs have to go number two on the sidewalk, even though the whole point of the walk was to let the pooch poo! Trust me, your dog isn’t feeling self-conscious in the moment.

But still, social stigmas will be social stigmas, so when your bowels beckon in your over-caffeinated, under-bathroomed office, you probably dread making that trip to the toilet more than any other aspect of your workday. Finally, we have a solution for you.

This comprehensive guide is based on years of data collection and personal anecdotes that have been compiled to create the ultimate guide to surviving awkward toilet encounters at the office. So what are you waiting for?

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