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How To Make A Krabby Patty and 7 Other Famous TV and Movie Recipes

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“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” -Ratatouille

Food is such an important part of our lives: Not only is a necessity, it’s delicious, fun and brings people together. I’m sure some of your best memories revolved around a dinner with friends, your grandma’s cooking or even just a romantic meal with your significant other.

I’ve always been way into food. I mean, we all love to eat, but I’ve been obsessed ever since I was a kid. Many many years before I even became a professional chef, I loved watching food in cartoons and live actions shows and films. I’m sure you’ve also seen magical foodstuffs and wondered what they’d taste like. Well we’ve collected some of the best, but the best part is that they are super easy to make.


Source: Instagram: @heidhorch

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