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If Girls Were Honest on Social Media…

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Woke Up Like This… But Really.

Thanks to our constant connectedness, a large portion of our modern social interactions don’t even directly involve other people. In fact, it’s quite possible to have a busy, popular day filled with friends and family, all without even seeing anybody face to face.

For many of us, social media has become a pastime, a habit, or even an addiction, depending on how often we check our various platforms. Forget calling people up and forget going out to see people: social media makes it easy to keep in touch with friends across town or across the world, updating us on their every movement.

There’s just one little catch that we sometimes forget about social media: you can’t always believe what you see.

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From filters to throwbacks, what may look like the perfect in-the-moment photograph is sometimes the labor of hours of work both in front of and behind the camera.

These girls asked, “What would social media look like if we were more honest?”