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Interviews With Serial Killers

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Meeting a Murderer

Turn on the TV or pick up a newspaper and you’ll soon see that as a society, we’re obsessed with murder.

Death has fascinated humans since ancient times, largely because of the mystery of what lies beyond, as well as the very basic yet incomprehensible fact that, one day, we will no longer exist.

Our time on Earth is finite, so many of us set out to make the most of it. From bucket lists to chasing our dreams, it’s easy to take the adage “Live today as if it were your last” to heart… especially once you consider how many cold blooded killers there are out there.

From crime novels to popular documentaries like The Jinx and Making a Murderer, interviewing convicted or suspected killers in order to understand their thoughts and motives takes us to places within our own humanity where we’ve never been before.

making a murderer

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