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Introducing Boga: The New Pastime You Need to See to Believe

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yoga bowling intro

Source: YouTube @Daniel Berg

Combining two or more sports together into something new has been done many times before. Water polo, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse — all of these trace their roots back to other similar physical activities. But have you ever heard of boga?

I don’t think I know a single girl today that doesn’t do yoga, and plenty of my guy friends do it, too. We even used to have weekly yoga at work, from which I would deftly escape due to more pressing prior engagements (AKA Netflix).

Sure, I get the draw to it: health, fitness, natural relaxation. Yoga is both challenging and comforting, simultaneously allowing us to push our bodies to new limits while centering our minds and forgetting the stress of the day. But I think something like boga might be a little more “up my alley.”

As popular as yoga is these days, I feel like bowling has lost its momentum. Sure, I went to some awesome bowling birthday parties when I was younger, but since then, I feel like nobody wants to go bowling anymore. Then you see a new crossbreed like this, and you want to get back in those funny shoes all over again.