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Is Kissing Your Kids on the Lips Okay?

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To some it’s natural, to others, it’s strange.

There’s been a debate over whether adults should kiss children on the lips for probably as long as kissing has been around. And as cultures have moved around and people have migrated around the world, kissing customs have caused controversy. None may be more heated than that of how you should kiss a child, however.

Personally, my parents and family members never kissed me on the lips, and, yes, I do find it rather odd, though I can’t explain exactly why. It’s not like you kiss your grown up children on the lips, so why would you kiss a child there? But, frankly, I don’t care about what other people do all that much.

But there are people out there who care so much that they call out adults who do it and say that it’s wrong: they say that it’s rather filthy and inappropriate to do so. Victoria Beckham is the latest person to be shamed for kissing her child on the lips, and it’s caused a firestorm of debate over the rightness or wrongness of adults kissing children on the lips. Is it okay or not?

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The kissing debate rages on.