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Is Weed Kosher? Leading Rabbi Says Marijuana Is Okay for Passover

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Seder guests can now be more baked than the matzo.

As the Jewish holiday of Passover begins on Friday, April 22, observers will notice a variety of changes to the traditional diet.

Starting with the Seder meal on the first several nights and continuing with a strict diet throughout the week, Passover is known for the matzo, herbs, dried fruit, and fish, but mainly for the absence leavened bread and other banned foods.

In recent weeks, the Passover diet, which has largely been observed since the 13th century, has undergone some major changes that Jews may or may not choose to follow during the holiday.

Aside from permitting certain foods on the table during Seder, a highly respected Rabbi just made this historical ruling on marijuana, and it might just make Passover a lot happier for some Jews.

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