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KKK Grand Imperial Wizard Backs Donald Trump for President

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Not All Endorsements Are Good Endorsements

When you’re running for president, you want to have as many votes as possible. But what happens when some of your biggest supporters are less than reputable?

Like some strange popularity contest that ultimately determines the fate of nearly 324 million people, election season is upon us, and the primaries have brought us endless onslaughts of uncomfortable debates and interviews with candidates who are truly larger than life.

Yet among the contenders, none are as publicized and ridiculed as Donald Trump, real estate mogul and Republican frontrunner. Long known for his boisterous personality and recognizable hair, Trump has been a popular character in American business and entertainment for decades, but over the past few months, we’ve come to see new sides of him that have split the country into zealous supporters and those fearful for what a Trump presidency would entail.

Though criticized for not condemning a high-profile KKK endorsement several months ago, Trump has yet another supporter in the white supremacist organization: the Grand Imperial Wizard from Virginia.

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You have to see this rare interview…