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London Mayor Bans Body Shaming Ads From Underground

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“Nobody should feel pressurised […] into unrealistic expectations.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan just came into office in May 2016, but he is already making strides across the city, both above ground and below.

As London’s first ethnic minority mayor, and the first active Muslim to become mayor of such a large Western capital, Khan is already making waves, demonstrating a preoccupation for acceptance across the city and globe; he has previously voted in support of a same-sex marriage equality bill, he spoke out against the shootings at an Orlando gay club, and now, he’s made a decision that would promote healthier body acceptance in London.

Still, some critics think his most recent decision may have ulterior motives…

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Credit: Twitter @SadiqKhan/ Daniel Leal-Olivas/ Getty Images

Here’s what he’s doing: