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Love Is in the Air: Smell Dating Is the Newest Matchmaking Trend

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Love at First Sniff.

Ah, the sweet smell of love.

For many of us, our sense of smell is something we rely on day by day to help us determine what food to eat, where to sit on public transportation, and whether or not we can get away with wearing that shirt just one more time before washing it.

While we might take it for granted, those in touch with their sense of smell use it to take in the wonderful aromas of the world around them: From flowers and perfumes to foods and wines, smell is linked to taste, and also memory, allowing us to travel back in time when we come across a distinctive smell from our past. On a serious note, smell is often essential to our safety, providing warning when food is rotten or milk is sour, or if there is dangerous gas or smoke nearby.

Then again, city dwellers, who are all-too-familiar with the pervading stench of roasting garbage in the summertime, might easily give up their sense of smell for the ability to get through their commute without suffocating on the foul odors rising off the streets or emanating from their subway partner’s armpits.

Now, some scent-savvy entrepreneurs are making America smell great again with the introduction of their pseudo-scientifically-based matchmaking fad, Smell Dating. Think we’re joking? Keep reading!

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You have to smell it to believe it!