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Man Perfectly Summarizes Race Issues in America Using Apple Customer Service

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Apples and Oranges

Nobody likes to deal with customer service.

Though we turn to them in times of need, do you find customer service to be helpful? Of course, this is two-fold. Sometimes, that anonymous cheery voice on the other end of the phone might fix your problem in no time, sending you on your way a very happy camper. Other times, however, customer service representatives are the bodiless voices we take out all our frustration on, and even with their painfully forced manners, they can do nothing to help our problems.

When one man from Texas had an issue with his Apple Music, he turned to Apple customer service to get the problem fixed. After unloading his frustrations upon the two representatives he worked with, however, the man realized what made one woman helpful and the other one not so much.

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This is what solidarity looks like.