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Marvel’s Newest Super Villian Looks a Lot Like Donald Trump

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Who’s the Baddest Guy Around?

Growing up, books, comics, video games, and TV shows presented us with life’s never ending battle: good versus evil.

We idolized the heroes. From Batman and Superman to cowboys, firemen, and even someone’s mom or dad, we were taught by these characters to embrace all aspects of goodness and selflessness, to act against the forces of evil and greed, and to be the best people we could possibly be.

Sure, the villains could be fun, too, but eventually we’d get sick of them. That’s why so many of their storylines were brief or episodic; it was the heroes that had audiences coming back for more, time and again.

In real life, and in our much more boring adult world, the forces of good and evil aren’t always so clear. Even now, as a loud-mouthed, rich and entitled bully rears his big head, it’s disturbing to see how millions of Americans can hop on the bandwagon and support him, even though the children inside of them never would have done so.

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Credit: Win McNamee/ Getty Images and Twitter @Robert_Hack

Now, Marvel is helping remind us who the real villains are.