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Men Confess Why They Send D*ck Pics

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Confessions of a sexter

If you’re a woman who’s dabbled in online dating, (or hell, a woman with a smartphone), chances are you’ve encountered a d-pic or two. Ever since man invented ways to send pictures across technological devices, we’ve been doomed. Ladies, how may peen pics (as I like to call them) have you received? It’s an immediate turn-off for me, mainly because I never ask for them! So when I or my friends get unwanted pics, we send them to each other and analyze them. I know I’m not alone in this. In fact, there are two main reasons women complain about getting peen pics: 1. They don’t want to see them, and 2. Guys send the pics without asking, without warning, and without explanation. So, why do guys think it’s cool to send us d-pics?

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, coauthor of’s yearly study, Singles in America, there may be more to it than guys just picking up a phone and giving their penises photo shoots. Study shows that men like to send us d-pics because they enjoy getting nude pics from women. Guys are more visually stimulated than we are so this makes sense as to why men send shots of their schlongs — they think we want those types of pictures because they like receiving them so much.

She digs deeper, though. Mrs. Fisher claims it goes back to the evolution of man. When men look at a woman’s body, they “can know some very basic things about age, health and, unconsciously, her ability to raise young.” But women would rather see men in business suits than being bare-assed, according to Dr. Fisher. “Women needed someone who could rear their mate and provide. They needed a good hunter and they still do… It’s sort of elegant the way the brain doesn’t change,” she says in reference to women historically. But enough of all that statistical talk. Hear why guys (culled from The Cut) love sending d-pics from the guys themselves.

Man in his underwear, using cellphone to send a picture of his penis

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