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Internet Loses It When MLB MVP Mispronounces ‘Meme’

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What’s in a Meme?

There are some words out there that’ll we’ll just never agree on. Tomato or “tomahto.” GIF with a soft g or a hard g. Finance or finahnce. But not meme.

As most internet-savvy people know, meme is a monosyllabic word that sounds an awful lot like “me” with an m at the end. Pretty self explanatory.

But not for the National League of the MLB’s 2015 MVP Bryce Harper, who just made the internet lose its mind when he mispronounced the word on live TV. Now I can’t tell what’s funnier: his mispronunciation or the internet’s reaction.

bryce harper watch me 1

Source: ESPN/ YouTube @cjzerovids

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