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Mom Sends 13-Year-Old Daughter to Buy Feminine Hygiene Products, Hilarity Ensues

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Highway to the Danger Zone

Men will never understand the things that women have to put up with. Society and culture aside, even the very nature of human anatomy gives women the short stick, and from puberty onwards, their bodies, while beautiful, can be unpredictable, painful, and confusing.

This struggle can be summed up in one word: Period. Drastically unlike its finite grammatical homonym, the female period is part of the ongoing menstrual cycle which most women will experience from the onset of puberty (as early as eight years old) until they reach menopause (typically between 45 and 55), and that’s no walk in the park either.

Of course, the only thing worse than putting up with a period itself (as well as the pain, discomfort, and mood swings that can come with it) is putting up with the social stigma around it.

Guess what, world? WOMEN GET THEIR PERIOD. Thankfully we’ve developed sanitary products to help make this “time of month” more comfortable, but even learning to use or find pads, tampons, and other products can be a hassle, thanks in part to how secretive the whole thing must be treated.

For one young lady, starting to get her period wasn’t half as bad as what came after: The desperate search for tampons in a convenience store that shamefully hid them in an unmarked aisle. With her trusty mom only a text away in the parking lot, the girl’s trip to find the feminine hygiene aisle became a hilarious journey complete with a homemade map that anyone that’s ever struggled to find where stores hide pads and tampons EXTREMELY relatable. The struggle is real, people.

vagina zone feminine products map

Source: flickr/ Facebook/ Belinda Hankins

This mom taught her daughter to be proud of her period.