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Mom Starts Slurring Her Words 8 Months Into Pregnancy. Then The Doctors Noticed…

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‘To this day I still can’t believe this happened to me at 28.’

Mandy Banks and her son

Source: Fox 31

It all started with persistent headaches in the final term of Mandy Bank’s pregnancy. This was her first child though, and she was unsure whether or no this was a normal problem. “I didn’t have a clue what to expect,” says Mandy about the experience. “I thought ‘maybe this is part of being pregnant?'” But instead of going away the pain in her temples only intensified, and finally the aching got so bad that Mandy started slurring her speech. Something was definitely wrong.

Because of her experience working with the American Heart Association 28-year-old Banks knew that her symptoms could be the result of something very serious, so she immediately went to the doctor to have them run some tests. She was prepared for some bad news, but Mandy was shocked to learn that at such a young age she’d suffered a “hemorrhagic” stroke. A blood vessel had actually popped in her brain.

The medical team would need to move quickly to save both her life, and the life of her son…