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Mormon Feminists Fight to Stop Church From Forcing Girls to Repent for Being Raped

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Stop victim blaming.

Perhaps one of the trickiest aspects of religion is finding the balance between traditional spiritual beliefs and what is acceptable in modern society.

For thousands of years, religious groups have left their homelands and journeyed across continents, deserts, and oceans to escape persecution and seek religious freedom. But in our globalized world, we’re closer together than ever before, and even the most isolated of sects come under scrutiny in the public eye.

As private institutions, how far can religions go to prevent society at large from forcing change upon them and within them? We’ve seen journalists cause massive top-down change within the Catholic Church regarding abusive priests, and we’ve seen countries like France place restrictions on clothing typical for Muslim women. Unfortunately, religious institutions often are among the last to accept social change, using archaic societal rules and hardly-applicable passages from religious text to support their stance.

One of the most secular and scrutinized religious groups in the United States today are Mormons, followers of the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints. Widely misunderstood, many non-Mormons relate the religion to the practice of polygamy, which was formally abandoned by the LDS Church in 1890 but still practiced by some fundamentalist sects today.

As with so many other religions, however, a major issue felt in the LDS Church is the role of women. After increasing criticism regarding sacred text that blamed rape victims for their suffering, these Mormon women decided to fight back.

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Now they’re rewriting the Book of Mormon.